Are you considering buying your first acoustic guitar, and wondering which brand to go with? Maybe you are considering an Ibanez acoustic guitar, but you don’t know if they are any good or not.

Well, if Ibanez is on your short list of choices, know that you will be making an excellent choice. Acoustic guitars from Ibanez have lovely tones, and when used with a good sound system (if you are getting an electric acoustic), you will get a huge sound.

One of the things we love about Ibanez guitars is that they have a fairly low action. This means that the strings are close to the fretboard, so you don’t have to press down as hard on them as you would with other guitars. This makes Ibanez acoustic guitars an excellent choice for beginners.

Today we are going to take a look at how to choose an acoustic guitar, and learn all about Ibanez acoustic guitars. We’ll also discuss the various lines of acoustic guitars from Ibanez. Let’s get started.

What to Look for in an Acoustic Guitar

Before you head out on a guitar-shopping trip, there are several things you should take into consideration.

The first thing to think about is your budget. For instance if you are a beginner, you may not be ready to invest a lot of money into a top of the line guitar. Most people recommend a budget of $300 and up. This is going to get you a decent guitar with a good sound quality.

You might be wondering why one would spend even this much on a guitar for a beginner. Well, if it doesn’t sound good and is difficult to play, you could end up quitting because you don’t feel like you are progressing.

Here are some other things to consider when shopping for an acoustic guitar:

  • Wood or Laminate Top – If your budget is low, a guitar that has a laminate top may be a good option. Just remember that the vibrations are different from those of a guitar with a wood top, and the sound isn’t nearly as rich.
  • Skill Level – If the guitar is for an absolute beginner, it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money. Over time, if the student continues playing, they will upgrade to better and better guitars. On the other hand, if it is for an experienced player, a cheap guitar just won’t cut the mustard.
  • Body Style – There are three acoustic guitar styles: classic, dreadnaught, and jumbo. Classic are generally used for playing classical guitar with finger picking. A dreadnought guitar projects more sound, and are popular with folk and rock musicians. Jumbo guitars are a cross between classic and dreadnought guitars.
  • Tonewoods – The type of wood used to make a guitar will determine its sound. The most common tonewood for acoustic guitars is spruce, which has a bright tone. Cedar is also popular, and often favored by finger pickers because of the warm, rich tones. Other woods used are mahogany, maple, and rosewood.
  • Action – The action height is the distance between the strings and the fretboard. A lower action is easier to play, particularly for beginners who aren’t used to pressing down hard on the strings.
  • Intonation – This is how well the instrument is tuned along the neck. You can check this by playing an open D chord, and then play the same chord on the 14th If the second chord isn’t in tune, there could be an intonation problem with the guitar.

Play the Guitar or Have Someone with You Who Can

If you already know how to play the guitar, always sit down and play a guitar before you even consider buying it. This is really the only way to be able to tell if the instrument is right for you. Unless you already know exactly what you want, it is best to shop in-person rather than online.

If you are an absolute beginner, it is a good idea to bring someone along who knows how to play. Have them look over the guitar and play it so they can help you to know if it is worth the money or if you should look at something else.

Are Ibanez Acoustic Guitars Good Quality?

Whether you are in the market for an acoustic or an electric guitar, you really can’t go wrong with an Ibanez. They have all of the features of the other popular brands, are well made, and have great tones. One of the best things about acoustic guitars from Ibanez is that they have low action. This makes it much easier for beginners who don’t yet have a lot of hand strength.

Ibanez acoustic guitars are very well-made, and they are made with real tonewoods rather than laminate (with some exceptions). There is a beautiful, high-gloss finish, and all parts have nice, tight binding. There is plenty of space between frets, and you won’t get buzzing while playing. The tone is rich and full, and the bass notes are very distinct.

The best way to know if any guitar is a good one is to sit down and play it. This is why we recommend that you shop for guitars in-person rather than shopping online. If you do shop online, you will never truly know how the guitar sounds until it is in your hands. By then, it may be too late, and you could end up being stuck with a guitar that you don’t really want.

Where are Ibanez Acoustic Guitars Made?

Ibanez is a Japanese brand, and initially, all of their guitars were made in Japan. This is no longer the case. Today, in addition to being made in Japan, Ibanez acoustic guitars are also made in Korea and Indonesia. If you are looking for the absolute best Ibanez acoustic guitar, look for one that has been hand-built in Japan.

Are Ibanez Acoustic Guitars any Good

The Many Styles of Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

Ibanez produces acoustic guitars in all three styles, and they have several different series’ available. The most well-known of them all are the guitars in the Artwood series.

Each of these guitars has a solid Engelmann spruce top, and there is a bone nut and saddle for better playability (not to mention sound quality). These are large guitars with deep tones and plenty of projection. Because they are large, they can be difficult for beginners to play.

Let’s take a look at some of the other popular Ibanez acoustic guitar series’.

AEF Series

These guitars have a very interesting body shape, but as cool as it looks, it is not always the most comfortable to play. All of the guitars in this series have spruce or flamed maple tops, and the bodies are made from quilted or flamed maple. There are also many finishes to choose from. The tone is exceptionally clear, making this acoustic line among the most popular from Ibanez.

DT Series

The Daytripper guitars are mini dreadnought guitars that are meant to be traveling guitars. The bodies are made from mahogany, and there is a rich, warm tone that one would expect from a much larger guitar body. The sound isn’t as deep as that of a full-sized guitar, but it is a durable guitar that is ideal for those who like to take their instruments on the road, to parties, etc.

Sage Series

These guitars were designed for beginners, and they come in all three body styles. There are acoustic and acoustic/electric models in this series, and all look terrific. The tone isn’t as bright, likely due to the fact that the top is laminate and not tonewood. But, overall this is a great beginner guitar, and available at a relatively low price point.

PF Series

Here is another series that offers both acoustic and acoustic/electric versions. The PF30SNT pure acoustic has a solid spruce top, which helps to create a nice, rich tone. The acoustic/electric version has Ibanez preamps and Fishman Sonicore pickups. You can choose between grand concert or full-sized dreadnought bodies.

GA Series

Guitars in this series are ideal for musicians of all levels, including beginners. This is a classical guitar series, with nylon strings that make learning much easier for the beginner because they are easier to play on. There are many models available, with and without electronics. The biggest downfall in this series is the fact that these guitars do not have solid tops, making the sound less rich than other acoustic guitars from Ibanez.


There are many things to consider when shopping for an acoustic guitar. It is always a good idea to try out a few guitars before making your final decision.

Not only should you try a few different Ibanez acoustic guitars, you should also try out guitars from other well-known brands. Only then will you know which guitar really feels the best in your hands, and you won’t end up wasting money on a guitar that you don’t enjoy playing.

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