The guitar is one of the most versatile instruments. Choosing the right one might be a challenge, from bass guitars to acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars to acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars. Our list of the five best bass guitars for beginners is based on ratings from customers who have purchased these guitars. All of the guitars on our top 5 list have a rating of 4 stars and higher and are best sellers on most online retail stores.

Once you have read our reviews, please look at our bass guitar buyers guide, which contains information on the criteria you should consider when buying a bass guitar. Our guide helps you find a guitar that suits your budget and needs. So let’s see what these guitars have on offer.

Best Bass Guitars for Beginners

Glen Burton GB150BCO-BK Electric Bass Guitar

Glen Burton guitars are renowned for their impressive guitar designs. While some are simple and plain, some are outrageous and indeed a work of art. The GB150BCO-BK Electric Bass Guitar is one of the company’s best sellers and is excellent for beginners of all ages and skill levels.


If you have an urge to learn how to play the bass guitar, the choice of guitar is essential. The Glen Burton electric bass guitar is made from alder and rosewood, durable, and will not scuff or mark easily. There is one to suit your playing needs with a choice of left- or right-handed guitars.

Available in four colors, one can choose the Glen Burton bass to reflect your style. Add some stickers or decals, and you have a unique design. Those who have purchased this bass have described it as comfortable to hold, which is most important when you will be playing your bass for many hours while learning the art.

While manufacturers take every possible precaution to prevent damage to your bass guitar, there are, of course, unavoidable instances, like transportation or incorrect storage, that could damage the body or neck of your guitar.

Glen Burton guitars are all manufactured using high-quality processes and techniques to bring you excellent quality guitars at an affordable price.

The Glen Burton electric bass guitar set includes the following items:

  • The Bass guitar
  • 15 Watt Amplifier
  • Truss Rod
  • Strings
  • A bag
  • Strap
  • Picks
  • Digital clip-on tuner

Buying these items separately could cost you hundreds of dollars, so this starter set from the Glen Burton range is ideal for beginners who want to start their collection to enhance their performance and bass guitar.

When looking at the features of the Glen Burton bass, words like value for money and great for beginners are often used. Comfort is another great feature that is perfect for beginners.


  • Comfortable to hold
  • Complete starter kits are good value for money
  • It creates a natural sound and has a quality tone
  • Excellent craftsmanship has been used to create the bass


  • There are a few subtle flaws in the finish of the guitar
  • Nicks on the fretboard


Ibanez 4-String Bass Guitar in Metallic Purple

Ibanez is one of the world’s best manufacturers of electric, acoustic, electric acoustic, and bass guitars. Owning an Ibanez is to a musician what owning a Ferrari is to a car collector. It is simply a must-have. Available in various designs and using different woods in their construction, every Ibanez guitar is carefully manufactured to give you the best sound quality from a bass guitar.


The Ibanez 4-string bass guitar is great for beginners of all ages. With a hardy mahogany body and maple neck, this guitar is available at entry-level prices that suit any budget. Bass guitars are easier to learn to play than regular guitars. Nickel strings and a wider fretboard make it easier to hit those notes every time. Some Ibanez customers have noted that the frets wear down too quickly. To avoid this, use the best quality strings that you can afford.

Weighing only 6.8 pounds, the Ibanez bass guitar is light enough for a child to hold and reduces the stress on your back and neck while trying to learn your chords.

While some have said that the guitar is difficult to tune, the tuning pegs are designed to keep the strings tight. Attached to the most exciting headstocks, tuning pegs should last you a lifetime and never need replacement.

The Ibanez 4-string bass guitar is available in metallic purple, pearl white, starlight blue, transparent red, and weathered black. Choose a guitar in a color that suits your personality and enjoy the great tone and quality sound that you can expect from an Ibanez.

Choose Ibanez bass guitars for your first guitar and enjoy the quality of one of the top brands in the guitar industry.


  • Lightweight
  • Great economical option for a beginner guitar
  • Available in ¾ size, the guitar can be used by children too
  • The high-quality craftsmanship of each guitar


  • Frets wear down relatively quickly and need to be replaced
  • The guitar is difficult to tune as the tuning pegs are too tight


Best Choice Products Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

Best Choice Products manufacturers everything from toys to homeware and even offer acoustic-electric bass guitars at meager prices. While little is known about this brand, their guitars have received high ratings and the best reviews from customers who have bought their guitars.


Best Choice Products bass guitars are made of basswood, with their fretboards created using rosewood. This combination makes the guitar durable and less resistant to scratches and bumps.

Available in full-size, the 4-string acoustic-electric bass guitar weighs only 5.5 pounds, making it one of the lightest guitars on the market. This makes it easy and light for beginners who need to get used to holding a guitar and finding the position that is most comfortable for them and their playing needs. Best Choice Product’s bass guitar has rich sounds that resonate through the strings. one can pair it with any amplifier to fully enjoy the benefits of a bass guitar.

Previous customers have given this bass guitar a high rating but have noted that the frets do not line up on the fretboard. This is not a standard feature and could be considered a design flaw. Contact Best Choice Products for a replacement of your purchase. Another slight issue customers have had is that the strings need replacing soon after purchase.

Best Choice Products is the most economical option for buying a good quality bass guitar, so order yours today and enjoy the sound that only a Best Choice Product bass guitar can create.


  • Excellent sound quality when played
  • Inexpensive and a good purchase decision
  • One can pair it with any amplifier
  • The strings on this guitar are light and easier on the hands


  • Frets of the bass guitar do not line up
  • The strings are not as durable and need replacing soon after purchase


Fender Artist Series Duff McKagan Deluxe Precision Bass Guitar

When you buy a Fender, you know you are buying an excellent quality guitar. Fender is known for its beautiful guitars that create the richest sound possible from a bass guitar. Pair it with other Fender products to enhance your performance while playing. You will never make a wrong choice when choosing a Fender.


The Fender Artist Series bass guitar is made of alder, rosewood, and maple, solid and durable. Available in pearl white or black, the Fender brand does not need any flashy extras to make it beautiful.

This guitar weighs only 5.5 pounds and is an excellent guitar for beginners of all ages. It is light enough to be used by a child or teenager.

Tuning the Fender Artist Series bass is easy with the customer headstock that adds to the overall look of the bass guitar, while the Fender 70’s Vintage-style open-gear tuners allow you to tune your guitar correctly in no time.

While some customers have noted that the guitar goes out of tune quickly, one can resolve this by checking the tuning pegs for any loose pieces of wood that would catch on the tuning pegs.

Whether you are interested in starting a band or want to learn a new skill, Fender bass guitars are created with all skill levels and ages in mind. The bass guitars are available in various sizes, each made to ensure the highest level of comfort while playing.

For guaranteed quality, choose the Fender Artist Series bass guitar as your first bass guitar and learn to play in no time.


  • Excellent tone and sound quality
  • Great value for money
  • Made from rich alder, the guitar has a refined look
  • The guitar features a custom headstock that creates a unique look to Fender guitars


  • The bass guitar goes out of tune quickly


Ibanez 4-string Bass Guitar in Brown Sunburst

Another Ibanez on the list of guitars for beginners is a sure sign of the brand’s popularity. Choosing just one is tricky, with many guitars and bass guitars under the Ibanez product range. You can use our buyer’s guide later on in this article to choose a bass guitar that will suit your skill level, size, comfort, and budget perfectly.


A 4-stringed bass guitar is ideal for beginners of all ages. If you have never attempted to play the guitar before, it is recommended that you learn to play the bass guitar. The Ibanez 4-string bass guitar is lightweight, good value for money, and is one of the most highly-recommended bass guitars for beginners.

Choose from Brown Sunburst, Root Beer Metallic, and Walnut Flat colors for your bass guitar. You can choose the color of your guitar to suit your personality. Made from agathis and maple, the bass is durable and will not show scratches and nicks as easily as other wood types.

Weighing only 6.9 pounds, the bass guitar features magnetic combination pickups for a truly unique and rich sound that you can only associate with the Ibanez brand. While some customers have said that the strings have a metallic sound, you can adjust this easily by checking the slack of the strings on the bridge of the guitar.

Each guitar has an inspection tag attached to it. This ensures that each guitar has been thoroughly inspected and examined before it leaves the manufacturer to be delivered to the customer. Ibanez is dedicated to producing and delivering the highest quality of bass guitars possible without putting a massive dent in your pocket.

For unsurpassed quality from a name you can trust, choose an Ibanez as your beginner guitar and learn on a guitar designed by the masters of guitar manufacturing and design.


  • Excellent value for money
  • This bass features a short-scale
  • An excellent option for beginners
  • It has basic pickups that you can change as you progress


  • Strings are round wound
  • Strings sound metallic


Buyer’s Guide

When choosing your first bass guitar, there are a few things that you should consider. Guitars are all designed to create the best quality of sound possible, but you should consider a few more criteria if you are purchasing your first guitar. While some of these are obvious, others might take you by surprise.


Guitars are available in different sizes to suit any age and height. While full-sized guitars are the most popular option for adults, some brands have guitars in ¾ size for younger children and more petite adults. A standard guitar is 34 inches, while a ¾ sized guitar is 28.5 inches. There are, in some sporadic cases, guitars available for shorter people and teenagers and are 30 inches long. Choosing a guitar for your height is essential and significantly affects your comfort while playing.


Heavy guitars can put a lot of strain on your neck and back. Most guitars have the option to be used with a strap, which can help with reducing the overall weight and strain on your body. Bass guitars are usually lighter than other guitars and generally weigh around 6 pounds. This is light enough for a child or teen to play with and reduces the need for a strap. The choice of the strap is a personal one. While some musicians cannot do without a strap, others prefer to forego them entirely.

String Type

The type of strings you use on your bass guitar can affect the quality of the sound produced and the effect it has on your fingers. The most common strings used on bass guitars are made of nickel. These strings are durable and will not damage your fingers while you spend hours learning to play the bass. Other types of string include steel, nylon, brass, and bronze. You must ensure you are using the correct strings for your bass guitar.


When learning to play the bass guitar, you will be holding it a lot. Comfort plays an important role when choosing a guitar. You should visit a guitar store and hold the guitar in your hands, feeling for comfort, weight, and if your fingers can comfortably reach the frets and strings. While this option is not available when purchasing a guitar online, you can still visit a music store to get a feel for the instrument and decide which brand and type of bass guitar is the most comfortable.


Guitars are constructed from various types of wood. Each wood will give the guitar a unique look, from alder to maple, rosewood, mahogany, and agathis. Take a closer look at the grain of the wood and choose the lightweight and durable wood. This can increase the lifespan of your guitar. Guitars are indeed an art piece when you consider the various techniques and processes used when manufacturing them. Choose a guitar that suits your needs best.

While these are merely suggestions, the factors listed above are the most common features buyers look for when choosing a bass guitar. Feel free to use these as a checklist when comparing bass guitars, and choose the option that meets all the criteria you are looking for in a guitar. Quality of sound, craftsmanship, and ease of play go hand in hand, and the guitar you choose should meet all three of these to be considered a good quality guitar.


We have covered the types of bass guitars that are best for beginners, their features and specifications, and a guide on how to choose a bass guitar. We are sure that you feel more clued up on the ins and outs of bass guitars by now, but you can never know too much about a product you consider buying. Now, let’s focus on the burning questions that you might still have regarding buying a bass guitar for a beginner.

Do I need to purchase an amplifier to play my bass guitar?

No. while an amplifier can be used to enhance the quality of the sound produced by your guitar, you can play it without one. Playing without an amplifier is excellent for practices where you will be playing the same scales and chords repeatedly until you have mastered the art.

Am I too young or old to learn to play the bass?

Age should have no bearing on your desire to play the bass guitar. Whether you have musical talent or not, anyone can pick up a guitar and learn to play it. With hard work and dedication, you too can learn to play the bass guitar.

Where can I learn to play the bass guitar?

Local music schools should offer basic guitar and bass guitar lessons in your area. Alternatively, you could hire a private tutor or teach yourself using online tutorials and free or paid-for lessons. These include skill tests that can help you hone a particular skill. Online lessons are great for those who do not have the time to attend a physical class or meet with a tutor.

Do I need a bag or case for my bass guitar?

A bag or carry case is not a must, but it can be helpful for safe transporting and storage of your bass guitar. Storing it in a bag can keep it free of dust and other pollutants and can significantly reduce the risk of scuffs or nicks. Bags and carry cases are available in various materials and include har suitcase-type cases that you see professional musicians lugging around with them.

How long does it take to learn to play the bass guitar?

This question has no easy answer and depends on the amount of dedication and hard work you put into learning to play. While some learn to play the bass guitar in mere weeks or months, others can take up to a year to fully master the techniques associated with playing the bass guitar. The best thing you can do is practice regularly and often. You, too, can learn to play the bass guitar with ease.

Final Thoughts

The bass guitar is a popular instrument responsible for creating the rhythm in a band setting. Choosing a bass guitar for a beginner need not be a hassle if you follow our buyer’s guide and read the reviews we have provided above.

At the end of the day, our favorite is the Fender Artist Series Duff McKagan Deluxe Precision Bass Guitar. We love the tone and sound quality this bass guitar produces, especially when you consider the value of the piece based on the price. It looks fantastic thanks to its rich alder build. And, it has a custom headstock that creates an awesomely unique look.

While these are only suggestions, you can try them out for yourself and see if they can help you buy the best bass guitars for beginners. If you want to learn to play the bass guitar, choose a guitar that suits your needs and budget best, and above all, practice, practice, practice.

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