The electric guitar is a truly fantastic instrument to learn. If you have kids who want to learn to play the electric guitar, you have come to the right place. Of course, it all starts with finding the right electric guitar for your kids.

This is exactly what we are here to help you with today, to find the best electric guitar for kids that the market has to offer. We’ve got five awesome electric guitars for kids for you to take a closer look at right now.

Best Electric Guitar for Kids: Reviews

1. Donner Electric Guitar Beginner Kit for Kids

Here we have a fully inclusive beginner electric guitar kit for kids. The guitar is extremely high quality, and it comes with everything your child needs to get started with playing the electric guitar.


In terms of what is included with this kit, you get a 600D soft shell gig bag. You also get a very small amplifier, the cable, a clip on tuner, guitar picks, a strap, and extra strings too. Let’s keep in mind that although the amplifier is very small, it’s actually fully functional.

For the very low price that this kit comes in at, we think that it is a fantastic deal. Do keep in mind that the guitar itself also comes complete in a variety of colors to choose from.

In terms of the construction, the top of this guitar is made out of maple wood. The neck is also made out of maple. You then get a back and body that is made out of poplar wood, with a perilla fret board.

All in all, the materials used in the construction of this guitar are very high quality. They’re super durable, yet also lightweight, and should produce fantastic sounds as well.

This guitar does of course have a shape designed specifically for smaller bodies. It has a very ergonomic design that allows children to use it very comfortably for prolonged periods of time. The exterior of this guitar is designed to be extremely smooth and skin friendly.

The small size combined with the ergonomic shape is definitely suitable for children. To help make it more suitable for children, it also comes complete with a miniature C neck profile.

It may be small, but it comes with all of the sound of a full size electric guitar. This is in part thanks to the classic humbucking pickup style of this guitar. For a small children’s guitar, it certainly does come complete with very high quality pickups that produce fantastic tone.

It then also comes complete with all of the basics, including locking tuners, a tone knob, and volume control knob as well. To help make tuning easy, and to keep this guitar in tune, it also comes with a standard cast sealed tuning machine.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Comes with tons of accessories
  • Great price
  • Durable yet lightweight design
  • High quality pickups
  • Fully functional with great sound


  • Neck of the guitar has sharp edges


2. YMC 30″ Kids Electric Guitar Pack

Here we have another fantastic electric guitar that is more than suitable for children. It’s made out of high quality materials, comes complete with many accessories, and comes in at a rock bottom price as well.


What you get here is a 30 inch guitar that is more than suitable for children in terms of its size. It comes complete with 21 frets on a 20 inch scale. Do keep in mind that if this is a right handed guitar. As far as we can tell, unfortunately, it does not come in a left handed model.

In terms of the build of this guitar, it features a very high quality basswood body. It then also features a maple fret board with a maple neck. In terms of overall durability and weight, we do really like the basswood body of this guitar.

The fact that the fretboard and the neck are both made out of maple is something we also appreciate. Maple is of course very durable, yet also capable of producing excellent sound and tone. This guitar also comes complete with a hardtail chrome alloy bridge, a single coil pickup, and an easy volume control knob.

To help make it ideal for your kids, it also comes complete with a double cutaway body style. This makes it fairly comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Do also keep in mind that the guitar itself is fairly lightweight, something else that is ideal for children.

Your kids may also like how this guitar comes complete in a very wide variety of colors to choose from. It then also comes complete with a wide variety of accessories, everything you need to get started.

It comes complete with a very high quality yet miniature 5 Watt amplifier that is battery powered. Do however keep in mind that the battery is not included. You then also get the cable, a guitar strap, extra strings, guitar picks, a soft shell case, and more. The fact that we get all of these things for one very low price is of course a huge bonus.


  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Great tone and sound
  • Easy to play
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Super low price
  • All in one kit


  • A bit difficult to tune


3. LyxPro 39 inch Electric Guitar Kit

Here we have a beginner guitar kit that comes complete with a full size guitar. Therefore, it is ideal for youth and young adults. That said, if you have a fairly large child, they could probably play it as well.


What’s nice is that this particular guitar comes complete in nine different colors to choose from. Moreover, it is also available in both a right handed and a left handed model. Now, besides the look of this guitar, what we also really like is the construction of it.

This guitar is made with a Canadian Maple body combined with a phoenix wood back. It then also features a Canadian Maple fret board as well as a maple neck. The fact that the majority of this guitar is made out of maple is something that we really like. Maple is an extremely durable material, it also fairly lightweight.

This is something that should make it more than ideal for kids. It’s definitely not too heavy to use. The guitar itself also features a very ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold for a long periods of time. The fret board in particular is designed to be very comfortable to hold and easy on the fingers.

Just like any good guitar should, this one comes complete with fully functional volume and tone knobs, as well as other adjustable features. To allow for excellent volume, resonance, and tone, it also comes with S-S-S pickups. For a guitar that comes in at such a low price, the integrated pickups are extremely high quality.

Of course, this is a full kit designed for beginners. It comes complete with a high quality soft shelled case for storage and transportation. It then also comes complete with a very high quality 20 Watt amplifier, complete with the cable. This amplifier also has a built-in speaker, is fully adjustable on all fronts, and even has a headphone Jack and an AUX input two.

With this kit, you then also get a clip on guitar tuner, all of the necessary tools for adjustment, extra strings, a guitar strap, and more. Keep in mind that this guitar features high quality steel strings.


  • High quality wood construction
  • Comes complete with tons of accessories
  • Good price
  • High quality pickups
  • Fully functional guitar and amp
  • Lightweight and comfortable, yet also durable
  • Produces fantastic tone


  • Not ideal for small children


4. Coluber Cable 30” Electric Guitar Bundle for Beginners and Kids

Here we have another super affordable beginner electric guitar kit for kids and beginners alike. One thing worth noting is that you can select from a 30 inch or a 39 inch guitar.

Moreover, both sizes are also available in both right and left handed models. Don’t forget that there are also six different colors for you to choose from.


We do really like the construction of this particular guitar. The neck and the fret board, as well as the body, are all made out of very high quality maple. As we have covered by now, Maple is of course a very good material to use for an electric guitar. It’s very durable yet also lightweight, it looks nice, and it also produces fantastic tones.

The top of this guitar as well as the back are both made out of phoenix wood. Phoenix wood is of course another great material to use, as it is durable, lightweight, and cost effective too. When it comes to a beginner’s electric guitar, a combination of phoenix wood and maple is fairly ideal.

Something that your kids may really like is that this guitar comes complete with a top tier engineered fret board. It plays extremely smoothly, and moreover, the neck also has a very slim profile. This makes it more than ideal for kids to play, especially with those little hands.

Yes, this electric guitar does also come complete with fully functional tone and volume control knobs. We really like the S-S-S pickups That this guitar has. The reason for this is because it’s ideal for a very wide variety of playing styles and musical types. Whether funk, metal, blues, country, or anything in between, this guitar can do them all.

This is a complete beginners guitar kit, so it does come complete with a wide variety of accessories. First, it comes complete with a small clip on guitar tuner, a guitar strap, a cable, guitar picks, spare strings, and more.

You also get a soft sided travel case included with your purchase. Perhaps the best accessory of all here is the included 20 Watt amplifier. This amplifier features a built-in speaker, a headphone Jack, an AUX input, and fully functional adjustment controls.


  • High quality wooden build
  • Excellent sound
  • Very comfortable and easy to play
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Fantastic pickups
  • Fully functional AMP included
  • Fantastic price for an all in one kit


  • Input jack isn’t attached very well


5. Vangoa Kids Electric Guitar Starter Kit

To round off the list, here we have another affordable all-in-one beginner guitar kit that is more than suitable for children. It comes complete with a high quality guitar and all of the accessories your kids need to get started.


Just because this guitar is affordable does not mean that it’s not made out of high quality materials. This particular guitar is made with a combination of real maple wood and real poplar wood. These are two of the best types of wood that could possibly be used in the construction of a guitar.

On a side note, we do also like the appearance of this guitar. It comes complete with a smooth gloss finish that is very aesthetically pleasing. This smooth gloss finish is also skin friendly for your kids.

They come together to form a very durable yet lightweight guitar. Moreover, these two types of wood are also known for producing excellent sounds. It is of course a small 30 inch electric guitar for children, but this doesn’t mean that it does produce great sound.

What also helps produce a great sound are the two classic single coil pickups. They feature a really bright sound with strong stability. These pickups are ideal for a wide variety of playing styles and music types. What’s really cool is that it comes complete with three different sound pickup positions to choose from.

It also comes complete with a C shaped neck that is designed to be flat and thin. It also features a rounded edge. This makes it very comfortable for small fingers to hold and to play for prolonged periods of time without fatiguing.

What also helps make this guitar easy for kids to play is this chrome plated string design combined with precise tuning capabilities. This is a guitar that will not need to be tuned very often.

This kit comes with a guitar capo, a strap, spare strings, a cable, wrenches, and a small digital tuner as well. However, do keep in mind that there is no amplifier included.


  • Great pickups
  • High quality maple and poplar build
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Ergonomic design for small fingers
  • Comes with many accessories
  • Looks very nice


  • Amp is not included



When it comes down to it, we think that the best electric guitar for kids on the list today is the Donner Electric Guitar Beginner Kit for Kids. It’s a high quality guitar that comes complete with everything your kids need to get started.

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