When your collection of guitar pedals gets too large, it’s time to find a central place to organize them all. You need a good pedalboard to have everything ready and close at hand.

This article will review a shortlist of the best pedalboards to make playing easier. This list will help save time when you’re ready to go shopping. Moreover, we’ll also provide you with great hints.

Keep reading to learn what these guitar pedalboards offer professional and amateur guitar players.

Best Guitar Pedalboard: Reviews

Extra Large Guitar Pedalboard From Luvay

Pedalboards from this company are made with one sole purpose: to make the guitar player’s life easier. With all the great features in this pedalboard, you get only the best for organizing your pedals.

Product Highlights

The extra-large size provides ample space for the many pedals you need to improve your performance. This pedalboard’s large 22 inches by 12.6 inches surface is large enough for all the pedals you need.

To attach your pedals, you can use cable ties which are a bit permanent, while the Velcro option makes it more temporary. Additionally, the Velcro attachment makes it much easier to quickly attach and remove the pedals as you need them.

Adding a power supply at the bottom of your pedalboard will be easy, with the ample available space. In addition, the board’s elastic ties are ideal for attaching the power supply for a more permanent setup.

The Good

The medium weight of this pedalboard makes it easy to carry wherever you need to play and use it. However, it is also not too lightweight to move out of reach if you accidentally bump it with your foot while playing.

The Bad

When you mount your power supply under the board, you will find that the mounting wings do not allow easy access to the plug. The best way to sort out this problem is to remove the brackets, which will need a bit of skill from your side.


  • There is a carry bag that comes with this pedalboard
  • It is made from top quality materials
  • Everything you need to attach your pedals is included
  • You have a large surface for pedal space


  • The zipper of the bag is not the best quality
  • Mounting wings under the board block access to the power supply


GhostFire Aluminum Guitar Pedalboard

This is a brand known by many musicians, and they trust the very reliable products. This pedalboard is specially made for musicians who are on the go and need space to mount their pedals.

Product Highlights

Durability is vital for this pedalboard provided by GhostFire to make it last longer. You also have ample space at the bottom to safely attach any power supply that is not thicker than 1.37 inches.

This manufacturer also provides a wide range of pedalboards made with various configurations to suit your pedal needs. In addition, this pedalboard’s pricing and everything else they manufacture are affordable, so everyone can afford their products.

It is painted with dirt-resistant paint, so your pedal will stay clean longer while using it. This pedalboard is designed to display well while it is at the same time functional to be used by the traveling musician.

The Good

With the durable bag included, you can easily carry it to any remote site where you want to gig. The lightweight design of the board makes it relatively easy to transport, and you won’t know it’s there.

The Bad

The worst thing about this pedalboard is that you will need to do some drilling when you want to attach a power supply. This might be a problem for those who need something to use without too much effort to set it up.


  • It has a lightweight design and construction
  • Made from high-grade aluminum alloy materials
  • You get a solid and durable carry bag for better protection
  • The non-slip feet will help to secure the board in place


  • It does not have much surface space
  • Fitting a power supply under the board will take a lot of effort


M-14 Guitar Pedalboard From Soyan

This is a complete package with everything you need to get your pedals attached for improved performance. Quality is also part of this package with the high durability of this pedalboard that will give you many hours of happy playing.

Product Highlights

The durable construction of this pedalboard will help it last long, providing many hours of play. However, the solid steel construction also means that it is heavier and will not easily be kicked around while playing.

With hooks and loops to attach the pedals on the board, you will be able to remove them quickly and easily when you are done. This feature adds to the mobility of this board so all musicians on the go can use it.

There’s a shoulder strap for the bag to carry over your shoulder to enhance the convenience.

The Good

There’s storage space on top of this pedalboard, and the carry bag comes with the board. This is great for carrying everything you will need safely to any remote gig site without any problems.

The Bad

The two slots to attach the cabling that needs to hold your pedals may not be sufficient for a secure attachment. This means that you will always be worried that someone may accidentally bump the board, and some of the pedals may come loose.


  • It is excellent for all levels of musicians
  • The bag that comes with it provides you with a lot of storage space
  • Made with solid metal construction for better durability
  • Ample surface space to add a lot of pedals


  • You have only two slots for attaching your pedals
  • There are no carry handles on this pedalboard from Soyan


Super Light Pedalboard From GhostFire

This is another excellent product made with top-notch craftsmanship and experience you expect from this reliable manufacturer of pedalboards. They also provide a wide range of different size boards to suit your style and need to improve your overall musicianship.

Product Highlights

The case you get with this pedalboard is quite sturdy and will provide ample protection for your equipment for a long time. The case itself can be detached and is made with durable but lightweight material to make it easier to carry.

A no-weld construction is used to improve durability to last longer. In addition, it is made from lightweight aluminum to make it easy to carry to any remote site.

With a lot of space on top of the board, you will be able to attach up to 8 standard-size pedals. This means that you can simultaneously use all your pedals to improve your playing and have a much better experience.

The Good

The ample space beneath the pedalboard allows for any type or size of power supply to be attached to it. This means that you can easily use your existing power supply to save you time and money to get going.

The Bad

The price of this pedalboard may not be for those who are working with a tight budget. You have only enough space in the hard case for the pedalboard and basically nothing else, which is not so good.


  • More slots to secure your pedals to the board
  • You have a lot of space for the power supply at the bottom
  • It is pretty easy to attach your pedals to this board
  • It comes with a sturdy and lightweight construction


  • The hard carry case does not have space for anything else
  • It is expensive


Donner DB-5 Guitar Pedalboard

With many great reliable products from this manufacturer, you can’t help but rely on their top-quality products. In addition, a wide range of pedalboard configurations is available to suit the needs of most experienced and amateur musicians.

Product Highlights

If you use mini pedals, this is an excellent pedalboard with a lot of surface space for your pedals. You will even have enough room for most, if not all, of your standard-size pedals to improve your guitar playing experience.

The beginner pedal user will find this a great addition to having everything close at hand. The easy attachment of your pedals to the board will make it easier for all players.

An accompanying carry bag will make it easy to carry the pedalboard to your gig sites and have enough space for other accessories.

The Good

The very durable frame of this Donner pedalboard will last for years and give you many hours of play. The price point is also quite affordable and, together with the durability, makes it quite an investment for pedal storage.

The Bad

You do not have a lot of attachment material at your disposal, with only two Velcro straps to secure the pedals on the board. Disassembling is excellent for compact storage, but it might take some time to get used to assembling and disassembling.


  • This pedalboard can be disassembled for easy storage
  • It has a strong and very durable frame
  • You get far more than what you pay for
  • It is ideal to use with mini pedals


  • It will take some time to master the assembly of the pedalboard
  • Not a lot of attachment materials in this package


Buyer’s Guide

A buyer’s guide is necessary for anyone who wants to get into pedals to improve their guitar playing. This guide gives you the information you need to get started.

Before buying a pedalboard for your guitar pedals, there are many things to consider. Hopefully, this will help you have the correct information to save you time and effort and find what you need.

Materials Used to Make Pedalboards

In most cases, pedalboard manufacturers try to use the most durable materials to increase the durability of their products. As a result, your pedalboard will last long and give you many hours of gig time and pedal use.

While other materials such as wood are also used, the most popular materials are steel for durability and aluminum to make it lightweight.

Different Designs of Pedalboards

Various configurations are used in making pedalboards to add more surface size or space underneath for power supplies. They are all made with slots, so you can easily attach your pedals to the top of the board.

Some are adjustable, so you can add more pedals, and others can be disassembled for easy transport options.

Why Do You Need a Pedalboard?

A pedalboard is for you if you need to have your stomping and other effect pedals close. Pedalboards provide ample space to organize your pedals on top for quick and easy access to all your special effects.

It will be much easier to have your pedals nearby with a pedalboard.

What to Look For In a Good Guitar Pedalboard

A good pedalboard should be made strong and durable but still lightweight enough so you can easily carry it. A good carry bag coming with it will be a bonus so you can store it and other accessories while traveling around.

It must also have ample and easily accessible space at the bottom of the pedalboard so you can attach a power supply.

Cost of Guitar Pedalboards

There are specially designed pedalboards with great features added on the market that may cost $200-$300. However, many excellent quality entry-level pedalboards may cost less than $50 that will do the job.

Some are made with better-quality materials and may cost more than the entry-level price. Depending on what you are looking for and how much you can spend, you can find a pedalboard that will provide space for your pedals.


What Is a Pedalboard?

A pedalboard is an accessory to place your special effect guitar pedals for quick and easy access. Most have enough space at the bottom so you can attach a power supply for all your pedals.

What Is the Right Size Pedalboard?

If you have many effect pedals to use with your electric guitar, you will need one with a large surface area. Twenty inches by 12 to 13 inches is the average size for a medium-sized pedalboard that will hold up to eight standard-size pedals.

In addition, there are smaller pedalboards available where you can only fit about four standard-sized pedals.

What Are the Different Types of Attachment?

Mostly hook and ties are used to attach the pedals through the slots provided on the pedalboard to secure them. Velcro straps are also used to attach pedals to the board and quickly and easily remove them

Do You Need a Case For Your Pedalboard?

Having a carry case or bag available for your pedalboard is good, so you can easily carry it to where you want to take it. In most cases, you get a soft carry bag in the package when you buy a pedalboard.

In some cases, you get a hard case that provides enough protection for your pedalboard, but they usually do not have much extra space.

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Guitar Pedalboard?

The best place for your pedalboard with the pedals attached is where you can have easy access to it. This will be on the floor close to your feet while playing gigs or jamming with other musicians.


Our winner is the super lightweight pedalboard from GhostFire, with space on top for all your pedals. In second place is the more affordable but lightweight pedalboard with ample space and many extras that comes with it.

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