A guitar stand might be considered a “nice-to-have,” but to most, it is a must-have to safely and securely store or display your guitar when it is not being used. Many options available, from steel, stands to elegant wooden A-frame guitar stands, could make your purchase challenging. We have reviewed some of the best guitar stands to help you decide much easier.

Best Guitar Stands: Reviews

Amazon Basics Guitar Folding A-Frame Stand for Acoustic and Electric Guitars

For undeniable quality that won’t break the bank, the Amazon Basics brand delivers with its folding A-frame guitar stand that can hold both electric and acoustic guitars safely. This ensures that your instrument is out of the way yet ready to play at any time.


This A-frame folding guitar stand is made from durable steel, guaranteeing stability and resistance to corrosion. With soft foam padding on the back and cradle, the Amazon Basics stand will hold your guitar safely in place without scratching or nicking the body.

A folding guitar stand is a convenient choice, and with three adjustable width settings that lock in place, this stand can hold any size instrument, from a ukulele to a full-sized electric or acoustic guitar. While some users have mentioned that the cradle arms are not stable enough, this can easily be corrected by adjusting the arms to fit your guitar base.

Amazon Basics’ lightweight (3.5lbs) A-frame stand is inexpensive and does not require assembly. For quality that you can trust at a great price, the Amazon Basics folding stand with non-slip rubber feet is the best purchase you can make today to store your guitar safely out the way.


  • Inexpensive
  • Does not require assembly
  • Easy to open packaging
  • Lightweight and ideal for transporting
  • Locking mechanism to hold the legs in place


Cradle arms are not stable


Rok-It Multi Guitar Stand Folding Rack

For those musicians who have more than one guitar that they need to store or display, the Rok-It multi guitar stand can easily hold three guitars, with a 5-guitar rack available. Rok-It is a well-known name in guitar equipment and accessories and has once again developed a quality product at a pocket-friendly price.


The Rok-It multi guitar rack is made from heavy-duty steel and is available in a black powder finish that is corrosion-resistant and attractive enough to use in the studio or on stage. Choose between a 3- or 5-guitar rack to display or store your guitars. The rack is foldable and easy to transport or store.

A lightweight guitar stand is convenient for bands and musicians who wish to display more than one guitar while recording songs on stage or in the studio. At only 6lbs, the adjustable Rok-It rack is durable and sturdy and has foam padding on all joins and cradles to prevent scratches, dents, or nicks.

The Rok-It multi guitar rack has a secure locking pin to ensure that the rack stays standing and sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest instruments. While there are no written instructions available for assembling your rack, there are easy-to-follow illustrations that will help you put your rack together in mere minutes.

Choose the Rok-It rack for affordable storage of all your guitars.


  • Easy to assemble with an illustrated instruction sheet
  • Spring-loaded locking pin to hold the rack in place
  • Made from sturdy and durable steel
  • Can hold up to 5 guitars based on which option you choose
  • Easy to transport or store when not in use


No written instructions for assembly


GLEAM Adjustable Folding Guitar Stand

While GLEAM is not one of the more well-known guitar accessories and equipment names, its products have high-quality ratings and receive many recommendations. The adjustable, folding guitar stand is one of their best-sellers and is quality that will not leave you short.


The GLEAM guitar stand is made from iron but is corrosion-resistant. It comes with EVA foam padding on all connection points, including the cradle arms and neck cradle, keeping your guitar safe from nicks and scratches. In addition, a security strap that hooks over the arms of the neck cradle holds your guitar in place safely.

This stand can hold most instruments, from ukuleles to full-sized electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. It is sturdy and will not buckle or fall over. At the same time, some users have noted that it is lightweight and could be flimsy. However, at 1.68lbs, the GLEAM stand is sturdy and can be used in the home, studio, or on stage to hold your guitar while not in use.

Available in a black finish, the rack is easy to assemble and elegant enough to display in your home. Handy rubber pads on the feet of the stand protect your floor from scratches, while the tripod base is small enough not to take up masses of floor space. The base is adjustable.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on any guitar stand when you can get the same stability and sturdiness from the GLEAM stand at a fraction of the cost. So choose GLEAM for your everyday guitar storage needs.


  • Lightweight and ideal for transportation or storage when not in use
  • The elegant black finish makes it attractive enough to display in your home or studio
  • Good value for money
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • EVA foam padding on all connection joins




Snigjat Wooden Guitar Stand

Snigjat has been a trusted brand for musical instrument equipment and accessories since 2017. With a wide range of quality goods at excellent prices, you can choose what you need without blowing your budget.


The Snigjat wooden guitar stand has an A-frame that folds small when not used. Available in Redwood, Ash Hardwood, and Zebra Wood, you can choose a finish that complements your home decor and can be used to safely hold your bass, cello, mandolin, or banjo.

While some users have noted that the color of the purchased stand is not the same as the online picture, this is not a design flaw. Instead, woods are textured, and no two stands look the same, giving your stand a unique look and character.

While most guitar stands do not hold the instruments listed above, the Snigjat is explicitly designed for “specialty” string instruments. It is sturdy, width adjustable, and has a secure lock system that holds the frame in place.

In addition, thick foam padding on all joins and cradles ensures that your instrument can be stored safely without the risk of scratches or nicks. The wooden stand also has non-slip rubber feet, keeping your floors safe.

A wooden guitar stand makes an excellent gift for the musician in your life, and the Snigjat stand is a quality you can trust. It is lightweight and takes only five minutes to assemble using the easy-to-follow instruction guide.

For a sturdy yet lightweight stand that will add character to any room, the Snigjat wooden stand will let you experience the quality yourself.


  • Quick, easy set-up and assembly
  • Elegant design and look
  • Foldable and adjustable settings to hold instruments safely and securely
  • EVA padding on all joins and cradles


The color of the stand differs from that of the image online


On-Stage XCG4 Velveteen Padded Tubular Guitar Stand

This one is great for the band and can be purchased in a single, double, or even triple pack at a great price. On-Stage guitar stands are known for their versatility and stability and are used by musicians worldwide to safely store or display their guitars.


Velveteen padding on this stand’s neck and arm cradles will protect your guitar from scratches and nicks, while the flush end caps and non-slip rubber feet protect your floors.

The sheet metal stand has a matte black finish that complements any decor and can be used in your home, studio, or on stage to store any guitar, from acoustic to electric. It is height adjustable and has a secure lock to ensure sturdiness and stability.

The On-Stage guitar stand is lightweight and weighs only 4.5lbs. This allows for easy transportation. It can fit into any corner and be moved around for those on-the-go practices or jam sessions. A security strap across the neck cradle will keep your guitar securely in place.

The On-Stage stand is easy to assemble and requires no extra tools. The base cradle rotates to fit even the largest or widest of guitars with ease, and the stand itself is at a great angle to display any guitar. While some users have noted that the back leg of the tripod stand is too short, this too can be adjusted to suit your storage needs.

For reliability and stability at a great price, the On-Stage guitar stand should be your first choice for an inexpensive way to securely store your guitar.


  • Rotating base cradle arms to fit any sized instrument
  • Easy to assemble
  • Inexpensive and reliable
  • Secure hold with straps to keep the guitar in place
  • Velveteen padding on all joins, cradles, and connections to protect your instruments from bumps and scratches
  • Convenient single, double, or triple packs that are ideal for a band


The back leg of the stand is too short


Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a guitar stand can be tricky. With the wide variety of options available, you could quickly become overwhelmed, leading to purchases that you will later regret. Take a look at our buying guide to help you choose a stand that meets your guitar storage needs and budget.

Here are the most critical factors you should consider when choosing a guitar stand for your home or studio.

Size of the Guitar

Your guitar’s size (and weight) significantly influence the stand you should purchase to safely store your guitar when it is not in use.

Guitar stands are available in various sizes, with some stands explicitly made for acoustic and electric guitars and others made for instruments like banjos, mandolins, and cellos. Therefore, choosing a suitable stand for your guitar size and type is essential. You can find this and more on the product information sheet or talk to a sales consultant at your local music store.

Intended Use

Are you buying a guitar stand to keep your guitar safe and out the way when you are not using it, or would it be for display purposes in and around your home or studio? Guitar stands are available in several finishes, materials, and designs.

Keep your intended use in mind when choosing a stand. For example, if you want to display a guitar in your home, a beautiful wooden A-frame stand can match and complement the decor, adding a unique display piece to your collection.

On the other hand, a durable steel or iron stand is more versatile and can be folded for easy transportation between your home, the studio, and the stage.


The material used in the construction of your guitar stand is important. Choosing a stand made from a good quality metal like steel or iron guarantees stability while also being durable and corrosion-resistant.

These stands can also withstand more bumps while being transported between your home, studio, and the stage.

While a wooden A-frame stand might look more attractive, it is not as durable as metal and will not often hold up well when transported from one place to another.

Type of Instrument

The type of stringed instrument you are looking to store should be one of the most important factors when choosing a guitar stand.

Not all stands are designed to hold various string instruments, so note what you can use the stand for. Some instruments like cellos, mandolins, and ukuleles will not fit on a stand made to hold acoustic and electric guitars, so choose wisely.


An adjustable stand that can be adjusted to fit any sized guitar is ideal. Choosing an adjustable height and width stand is essential to store anything from a ukulele to a full-sized electric or bass guitar.

Take note of the height, base, and neck widths to ensure that your guitar will fit comfortably and securely on the stand.


Do you have any burning questions about guitar stands? After reading our reviews or buyers guide, is there anything you still want to know? Here are just a handful of the most popular FAQs related to guitar stands.

Are Guitar Stands Stable Enough to Hold Full-Sized Guitars?

Most guitar stands made to hold guitars are stable enough to hold a full-sized guitar. While there are stands explicitly made for display purposes only, such as those made from wood, a heavy metal stand can safely hold even the heaviest guitars.

For peace of mind, you can read more about the weight limits and the guitar used on a particular stand in the product information guide or speak to a sales representative at your nearest music store.

Is Foam or Rubber Padding on a Guitar Stand Better?

While most guitar stands use rubber to protect the base, neck, and body, rubber can easily wear down and crack when exposed to heat. Foam is thinner but is longer-lasting and will protect your guitar for many years. Choose EVA foam padded stands for extra protection.

Does the Size of Your Guitar Dictate the Size of the Stand?

Yes, it most certainly does. However, guitar stands are not all made to hold any and all guitars. Therefore, take note of the intended use on the product packaging to ensure that the stand you are purchasing can safely hold your guitar or other string instruments.

Are Guitar Stands Brand-Specific?

Most well-known guitar brands have created stands that are designed to hold their own brand of guitars. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t use any guitar on a branded stand. It’s essential, however, to ensure that the stand can be adjusted to fit your guitar or string instrument and that it will hold your guitar securely in place.

Are There Stands That Can Store More Than Just a Guitar?

A multi-guitar stand can hold more than just your guitar and hold leads, cases, bags, and any extras you might need within easy reach in your home or studio. Larger stands that can be used on stage have many clips, hooks, and more to hold all your guitar equipment.


Choosing a guitar stand comes down to intended use, stability and versatility, and budget. We have reviewed the best-rated guitars, provided you with a handy buying guide, and covered some “burning questions” in our FAQ section.

Before choosing a guitar stand, read reviews on the product to see how others have rated it and if there were any issues with the design, and if they would recommend that particular product.

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