Guitar stands are a convenient way to store or display your guitars in your home, studio, or even on stage if you are a musician. Choosing the best multi-guitar stand need not be a hassle if you look at the models we reviewed below and our buying guide with the criteria you should consider when choosing a guitar stand.

Best Multi-Guitar Stands: Reviews

Pyle Multi-Guitar Stand 7 Holder Foldable Universal Display Rack

Pyle is a big name in music-related accessories like guitar stands. With a heavy-duty steel construction and non-slip rubber foot pads to protect any type of floor from nicks and scratches, the multi-guitar stand from Pyle is a must for any musician to safely store their guitars.


The Pyle multi-guitar stand is durable and versatile and holds seven instruments or accessories, from acoustic and electric guitars to guitar bags and cases. The sleek, attractive design is perfect for home or studio use and can also be used on the road and on stage with ease. It is lightweight and weighs only 8.15 pounds. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and is foldable for easy transportation and storage. The Pyle multi-guitar stand is also available in a 5-guitar holder.

Another great feature is the velveteen rubber on the stand’s back, neck, and base rests. This reduces nicks and scratches on your guitar and ensures safe storage when the guitars are not used. In addition, it has rubber foot pads to protect the floor from any scratches and damage.

It is adjustable and sturdy and holds guitars well. However, some purchasers say the unit is too close to the ground; the back is adjustable and can be titled for safe storage. It does, however, need to be placed away from the wall to avoid the guitar neck hitting the wall and possibly damaging your guitar.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Excellent price for a 7-guitar stand
  • The foam rubber lining on the neck and backrest protects the guitar from scratches
  • The neck holders are adjustable to accommodate any width of a guitar neck
  • The design is sleek and attractive and can be used at home, in the studio, or even on stage


  • The bottom of the unit is too close to the ground
  • The guitar holder unit cannot be placed too close to a wall


Rok-It 3-Guitar Multi-Stand Rack

If you have used Rok-It products before, you will know it is a quality product at an affordable price. With its sleek design and versatility, the Rok-It 3-guitar stand is the ideal system for safely storing your guitars and other equipment.


The Rok-It multi-guitar stand is made of solid steel and has a matte black finish that will look great at home, on the stage, or in the studio. It can be used for all types of guitars and is available in a 5-guitar holder and optional extras like the strap to secure your guitars to the rack for even more stability and safety.

While some guitar stands use rubber to cushion the guitars, Rok-It uses foam padding that is more durable than rubber. Some users have noted that the foam padding is not thick; Rok-It guarantees that their unit protects the guitars from scratches. The guitar rack is foldable for easy storage and transportation and has a spring-loaded pin that locks the unit in place to prevent collapsing or tilting.

While some customers have noted the absence of assembly instructions, the graphics on the instructions are easy to follow, and assembly is completed in minutes. In addition, the unit is lightweight and weighs only 6 pounds.

With two placement options for the crossbar, the unit is adjustable and can be adapted to hold all guitar types. The Rok-It multi-guitar rack comes highly recommended for its durability, stability, and price.


  • Unit is simple to assemble and disassemble for easy transport or storage
  • The sleek design is great for home or studio use
  • While the unit is simple in design, the price is consistent with the quality
  • Rok-It is designed to take up little space
  • The unit is adjustable and tilts back for safer storage and display of your guitars


  • No written assembly instructions are available
  • Foam padding seems thin, and guitars need to be placed onto the rack carefully


Hercules 3-Guitar Multiple Guitar Stand

Choose Hercules products for your guitar or music room for excellent quality and versatility. Designed from only the best quality materials, all products from the Hercules brand are durable and resistant to corrosion.


Hercules is the name of a Greek God known for his strength. This is also the name of one of the best-selling multi-guitar stands. The 3-guitar holder accommodates all acoustic, electric, and bass guitars in the slightly medium to high price range. For those with banjos, the Hercules is the best pick possible. Unfortunately, it cannot be used to hold mandolins.

Possibly the best feature of the Hercules guitar stand is its versatility. It is fully adjustable, from the lean-in backrests to the height of the guitars off the ground. This guarantees all-over protection for your precious instruments. It also features a locking pin to avoid the unit collapsing or closing, making it easy to transport and store when not in use.

Hercules guitar stands have a sleek design and have a safe spacing distance between guitars to avoid any mishaps that could result in gashes, scratches, or damage to your guitar’s body.

Foam padding is used in the design of this multi-guitar stand rack to cradle your guitar, protecting the body and neck softly. While there are no written instructions in the package for assembly, there is not much required to set up your Hercules guitar stand. So choose Hercules for all your guitar storage and display needs today.


  • Easy, convenient assembly and storage when not in use
  • Versatile to hold anything from acoustic guitars to banjos
  • The tripod design makes the unit sturdy
  • Great value for money and high-quality design features
  • It is a space-saving and convenient way to store your guitars


  • No written assembly instructions
  • Players cannot use it to store or display mandolins


Morimoe Guitar Bass Stand

If you want to store five guitars, ukuleles, electric, or acoustic guitars at once, the Morimoe guitar stand is the best. The stand is guaranteed to protect your guitars on display or in storage in your home, studio, or on the stage. Best of all, the stand is well-priced.


Versatile, convenient, and sturdy. These are all words that have been used to describe the Morimoe guitar stand. The durable iron unit is corrosion-resistant and uses EVA rubber padding to cradle your guitars safely.

Also available in 3-guitar, 7-guitar, and 9-guitar spaces, Morimoe offers a range of options for every musician or guitar lover. The unit is foldable and takes up very little floor space. The stand is sturdy and can be folded down without using any tools. This guarantees convenience while transporting or storing your unit when it is not in use. Assembly is easy, but it does not come with instructions.

The black, sleek design will look great anywhere as it holds your stringed instruments in pace. It has an anti-slip arm that holds the unit upright and can hold the heaviest of guitars easily. You have to use the Morimoe guitar stand to understand why it comes so highly recommended by amateur and professional musicians alike. Buy one today and experience quality and safety in one unit.


  • Can hold heavy and lightweight guitars with ease
  • The convenient folding design makes it easy to store or transport
  • Good quality design using EVA rubber to protect your guitar
  • Unit is “What you see is what you get” quality that is worth the cost


No assembly instructions are included in the package


Gator Acoustics Guitar Stand

This easily assembled display stand can hold three guitars safely, preventing the guitars from bumping into or rubbing against each other. Gator is a name you can trust for quality guitar stands that use only the highest quality materials in their design.


A tripod folding guitar stand is convenient for storing your guitars when they are not in use. The Gator guitar stand holds acoustic, electric, and bass guitars around the home, studio, or stage between sets. It is not, however, able to hold unique or V-shaped guitars. Height adjustable, the stand allows you to choose the distance you want your guitars to be above the floor.

Rubber padding is used on this guitar stand’s neck, base, backrests, and footpads to prevent scuffs on your floors. It is an attractive unit and features a matte black design that is corrosion-resistant.

Neck restraints and adjustable cradles make this the most versatile guitar stand of all those we have reviewed, and at the lower end of the price scale, it is excellent value for money. Buy a Gator guitar stand today to experience quality, durability, and most of all, sturdiness.


  • Adjustable height and cradle stand to adapt to any guitar shape, height, or position
  • Quality at an affordable price
  • Attractive for home, studio, and stage use
  • Can hold large instruments with ease
  • Easy to assemble using diagrams
  • Sturdy


  • No written assembly instructions are available
  • It cannot be used to hold V-shaped guitars


Buyer’s Guide

A multi-guitar stand is a great, affordable option that protects your guitar from damage if you want an easier way to store or display your guitars. But, choosing the best one can be tricky, and with the wide variety of options available, which is the best and why?

Here, we provide you with just a few of our top tips for choosing the best guitar stand for home or studio use:

Take Careful Note of the Neck Cradle Width

While all multi-guitar stands might say that they can hold any guitar with ease, it is essential to take note of the width of the neck cradle. Wider-necked instruments might have difficulty fitting into a stand designed to hold smaller or standard guitars. You can find out the width of the stand you would like to buy by reading the product information guide. Our top tip is finding an adjustable cradle width that easily holds any guitar.

Foam vs. Rubber Padding

Most guitar stands are made using rubber padding on the unit’s neck, base, and backrest cradles. Unfortunately, while rubber is standard, it wears down and breaks faster than foam. Choose a unit made from a high-quality rubber if you want to go that route, or seek out a multi-guitar stand that uses foam to protect your guitars.

The Primary Location It Will Be Used

If you are buying a guitar stand for home use, a simple, cheaper unit will be just fine. But if you would like to buy a unit that can be transported and used in many locations like the studio or stage, a foldable unit would be ideal. Choose from a rack or tripod design that can be folded easily for transport.

Types of Guitars It Can Hold

A multi-guitar stand should be able to hold acoustic, electric, and bass guitars with ease. Take note of any exceptions on the product information, like V-shaped guitars or any larger designs. Speak to the store owner, manager, or a sales representative for assistance, or read reviews to see which units come highly recommended by various guitar brands.


Heavy-duty metals like steel and iron are great for durability and are corrosion-resistant. It is light enough for carrying around, easy transportation and assembly, yet sturdy enough to hold light and heavy guitars. Just remember, the heavier the materials used, the sturdier the unit will be.


While we have tried to highlight the types of guitar stands available, there are still a few questions we can answer.

Should I Buy a Cheap Stand, Or Will An Expensive One Protect My Guitar Better?

Personal preference and budget come into play in this scenario. While it might seem that more expensive stands are of better quality, this is not always the case. A cheaper, less-known brand could have the same quality and performance as a famous brand’s stand. You can refer to our buyers guide on choosing the best guitar stand for your budget and needs and test the quality by visiting the store and taking a good look at the product or reading reviews from previous customers. Reviews are an excellent source of information and can help you with your decision-making process.

Can I Only Use a Specific Guitar Brand On That Brand’s Guitar Stand?

Most definitely not. While some brands will tell you that you can only use their guitars on their stands, most stands are great for all guitar brands, types, and sizes. Simply read the product information to see which guitars will fit on your stand of choice.

Are There Specialty Stands For V-Shaped Guitars Or Other Instruments Like Mandolins?

Yes, there are. You can speak to a store assistant or read customer reviews to see which stands can be used to hold which guitars. For example, mandolins might fit on some units, but reading the product packaging needs to be confirmed for more information.

Should I Buy a New Stand, Or Will a Used One Be Sufficient?

While a new guitar stand is always the best option, budgetary limits might require that you purchase a used one. Most online retailers sell both new and used goods, so choose one that best meets your needs and budget. Read our buyers guide to see the criteria you should consider when choosing a new guitar stand.

Online vs. In-Store: Which Is Best?

An online retailer is your best bet if you battle with decision-making. Purchasing online allows you to read customer reviews and experiences of the product you are interested in. You can still visit a physical store, look at the available options, and buy them online. There is no specific wrong or right way to choose and buy a guitar stand. It comes down to your needs, personal preference, and, most importantly, your budget.


Choosing a multi-guitar stand should be a little easier now that we have reviewed our top picks, provided a buyer’s guide with points to consider, and even thrown in a few FAQs that you might not have considered before. While name-brand goods might always be considered the “top-sellers,” any guitar stand is good if it meets your needs and budget.

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