Electric guitars not only look great, but they create a unique sound that you would not get from an acoustic guitar. Choose from the many different styles available, depending on the sound you want to create and how much you want to spend.

It is no secret that electric guitars are more expensive than other types of guitars. An electric guitar can set you back a good few hundred dollars by requiring an amplifier and various leads and pedals in order to produce any sound.

But if you are set on playing the electric guitar, you will need to choose a model, and with so many shapes and styles, that can be tough. Read on to find out more about electric guitar body shapes and styles.

Why You Should Choose an Electric Guitar

If you are looking for a good beginner’s guitar, you might consider choosing an electric guitar. An electric guitar is truly an investment but is worth every penny when you consider the benefits of this type of guitar.

Benefits Of An Electric Guitar

#1: It is easier to learn to play an electric guitar.

The strings on an electric guitar are thinner and, therefore, easier to play. The neck, too, is thinner, and you can wrap your hand around it more easily. It is overall a more user-friendly guitar for beginners.

#2: The quality of the sound produced by an electric guitar is unsurpassed.

Electric guitars have a clearer sound quality than their acoustic counterparts. An electric guitar paired with an amplifier can play clearer, louder sounds than any acoustic guitar.

#3: The volume control is accessible on an electric guitar.

While electric guitars are generally louder, it is easier to control the volume on this guitar. For quiet playing, unplug the guitar from the amplifier, and you are good to go. There is no need for an amplifier to play an electric guitar, but it is worth having it when you want to rock out.

#4: An electric guitar looks good.

There are so many styles of electric guitars available that you will find it hard to decide which one you want. Electric guitars come in various colors and different shapes to suit any personality.

#5: Electric guitars are more versatile.

These are great for beginners. There are many styles of music that one can play on an electric guitar. If you want to alter the sound of your electric guitar, simply change the pickups or tremolo for a sound to match any genre of music.

These are all fantastic benefits, but there are of course a few disadvantages to buying an electric guitar. While we will not go into too much detail, these are the most often mentioned disadvantages of an electric guitar:

  • Price
  • Extra equipment needed
  • Expensive to repair
  • Requires special strings

If you really and truly want an electric guitar, these disadvantages should not easily sway you from your decision. Stick to your guns and choose an electric guitar that will make you happy.

Does The Shape of an Electric Guitar Affect its Sound?

There are so many things that could affect the sound that your electric guitar produces. These are:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Type of wood it is made from
  • Scale lengths
  • Pickups
  • Strings used
  • Mechanics such as tremolos and more
  • Shape

Electric guitars with more acoustic properties would create a warmer sound than all-electric ones. A rule of thumb regarding the sound of an electric guitar is:

The more materials and chambers an electric guitar has, the warmer the sound. Fewer materials and no chambers would produce a clear and hollow sound.

When choosing your guitar, it is essential to consider all the factors we have listed above and their effect on the sounds your guitar would produce. Speak to a sales assistant at your local music store, or research the various factors online before deciding.

Electric Guitar Body Shapes and Styles

Electric Guitar Body Shapes and Styles

There are three types of electric guitars available. This distinction is made based on the body of the guitar, as well as the shape. The three types are hollow-body guitars, semi-hollow body guitars, and solid body guitars.

  1. Hollow body guitars

Hollow body guitars are precisely that – hollow. These guitars add warmth and depth to the sound produced. The metallic sound of the pickups used on hollow-body guitars is excellent for the Blues and Jazz and was famously used by The Beatles.

These guitars have a cutaway on the top left of the body, a rounded bottom, and a smooth, curved shape that is easy and comfortable to hold.

A few examples of hollow-body guitars:

  • Gibson ES-175
  • Gretch Streamliner
  • Ibanez Artcore AFV75

These guitars look similar in shape but produce different sounds based on their mechanics. I.e., Pickup, f-holes, tremolo, etc. They are, however, prone to create feedback that affects their sound

2. Semi-hollow body guitars

Semi-hollow guitars combine the benefits of hollow-body guitars in terms of sound but without the drawbacks like feedback. The guitar has a reinforced center in the guitar’s body or is solid-bodied with hollowed-out sections and cutouts to create a unique sound.

Semi-hollow body guitars have an asymmetrical shape with a large round body. There are cutaways on either side of the neck, creating a stylish, unique look. The f-holes, which are cutouts on the guitar’s body, give the guitar its warm sound and look similar to a viola or violin. These guitars are great for Jazz, Blues, and even Rock music genres.

A few examples of semi-hollow body guitars:

  • Gibson ES-335
  • PRS S2 Custom22
  • Fender Telecaster 72 Thinline

Again, these guitars can all create unique sounds based on the pickups, f-holes, and more used on the guitar’s body.

3. Solid-body guitars

Solid-body guitars have no hollows, f-holes, or acoustic chambers. The guitar relies on magnetic pickups to create the electric guitar sound we all know and love. The pickups amplify the strings’ vibrations, which are then converted to the sound we hear when picking or strumming an electric guitar. It produces almost no feedback, which is excellent for quality sound.

These guitars perform best when paired with a good amplifier, pedals, and leads. They have a longer, thinner neck, and the cutaway depends on the guitar brand. Players can use Solid-body guitars to play almost any style of music, from country to heavy metal and more.

A few examples of solid body guitars:

  • Fender Telecaster
  • Fender Stratocaster (possible the most popular electric guitar of all time)
  • Gibson Les Paul

You are guaranteed quality sound and fantastic performance, no matter which of these three types of electric guitar you choose. If you are unsure, which amplifier or leads and pedals would pair best with either of the three electric guitars listed above, speak to a sales consultant at a music store, or read reviews on the various amplifiers available for electric guitars.

Final Thoughts

An electric guitar is a prevalent guitar known for its powerful sound and ability to be used for any style of music imaginable. A popular choice for well-known musicians, an electric guitar is more expensive than an acoustic but is worth the layout if you want to take your music seriously.

When choosing an electric guitar, consider the types, benefits, and disadvantages, and the style and shape you are interested in. Remember, a guitar is only as good as the player, so grab your electric guitar and rock out!

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