A lot of beginner guitar players go out and buy a lot of accessories that they don’t really need, but at the same time, they often neglect to buy the accessories they really should have. For instance, while an electric tuner is a nice thing to have, it isn’t a necessity, as long as you know how to tune a guitar. On the other hand, a strap is a pretty important accessory that all too many people overlook. Then, they don’t have a strap when they really need one.

Today we are going to talk about why all guitar players should have at least one strap in their guitar case. Let’s get started.

Why do You Need a Guitar Strap?

There is one all-important reason why all guitar players need to have guitar straps, and that is to hold their guitars in place while they are playing. But, is it always necessary to use a strap? After all, many musicians prefer to play sitting down. So, this should mean that when sitting there is no need for a guitar strap, right? Wrong!

Now, there are many people who say there is no need to use a strap when playing while sitting down. But, there are also some pretty good arguments for using a strap at all times, even if you are going to be sitting down while playing.

Avoid Back Pain

Many people think that it is more comfortable to play the guitar while sitting down, and in most cases, it is. But, it can also be very hard on one’s back after a while. Sure, if you’re only going to be playing for a few minutes, a strap likely isn’t going to be necessary. But, if you are going to be practising for an hour or even several hours, you will want to be as comfortable as possible.

When you sit down and balance the guitar on your legs while playing, you will notice that it is pretty much impossible to have a straight back. After a while, sitting in this position is going to cause you to have a very achy back. Over time, this could end up causing some pretty serious damage to your back.

Using a guitar strap will allow you to be able to sit in a more upright position while you are playing, thus avoiding any major back pains. It also ensures that whether you are standing or sitting, you are always holding your guitar in the same position.

Is a Guitar Strap Necessary

Avoid Wrist Pain

When you are not using a strap, your guitar can slip out of position while you are playing, even if you are sitting down. This means that you could end up causing you to use a different technique while playing, and it won’t be the right technique. In fact, you could end up with a lot of wrist pain, and in the worst-case scenario, it could lead to problems such as carpal tunnel or overuse syndrome.

If the guitar slips, you could end up twisting your wrist into the wrong position, and it won’t be long before you are feeling a lot of strain. You will also end up using the wrong form while playing. Having a strap not only ensures that the guitar is not going to slip down while you are playing, but also will ensure that you are sitting properly, and using the right technique and form.

Kids Need Guitar Straps

Kids have a tendency to allow the guitar to sit in their laps while they are playing. The guitar is sitting so that it is face-up, because they like to be able to see the strings. Again, this is definitely the wrong form and technique, and it can lead to wrist pain because the wrist will be bent underneath the neck of the guitar.

It is important for guitar instructors to teach all students, kids in particular, how to properly use a guitar strap. In fact, some instructors insist that all of their students use straps while practising, if only to get them into the habit of using one regularly.

Eventually You’ll Want to Stand Up

There will come a time when you are ready to start playing while standing, and when this time comes, there is no way around using a guitar strap. Even musicians who play acoustic guitars need to use a strap while they are standing. It is pretty much impossible to be able to play properly while trying to hold the guitar in place. Let the strap do the work for you, and you can concentrate on your playing skills.


No matter what level of a guitar player you are, a guitar strap is an all-important accessory that you absolutely must have. Not only will it make playing while standing a whole lot easier, it will also help you to learn proper form and technique, and help you to avoid a lot of unnecessary back and wrist pain.

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