If you are searching for the most popular names in electric guitars, it is almost guaranteed that you would find either Schecter or Ibanez, or even both, being mentioned in the list of top electric guitar brands in the world. The electric guitar provides the perfect tone and sound for hard rock and metal songs, allowing the player to perform that perfect shred.

The Hype Surrounding Electric Guitars

We sat glued to the television screen as children, marveling at our musical heroes creating the most amazing sounds and riffs using their guitars. For fans of the heavy metal, blues, rock, and hard rock genres, an electric guitar is the ultimate choice of instrument to create those heavy sounds and shreds that are synonymous with these music styles.

While electric guitars are generally more expensive than their acoustic counterparts, they are worth every dime when you consider the design and hard work that goes into making each guitar. Schecter and Ibanez are both known for their unique sound and their designs, which are truly an art piece for music lovers and musicians alike.

Why an Electric Guitar is Better Than an Acoustic Guitar

There is no clear winner in the ultimate battle of electric vs. acoustic guitars. While some musicians prefer an acoustic guitar, some prefer rocking out with an electric guitar. Schecter and Ibanez are just two brands of electric guitars that are known for their incredible sound and performance. Let’s look at three reasons why the electric guitars of these brands trump acoustic guitars.

#1: Easier to play

Electric guitars are easier to play than acoustic guitars. This is because of the thinner neck, making for a more comfortable hold. The fretboard and strings also make a big difference in this regard. Strings on an electric guitar are, in fact, lighter and would not cause as much damage to your fingers when learning to play your new guitar.

#2: Size

While lighter than electric guitars, acoustic guitars are bulky and could be uncomfortable to play for longer periods. The design of both Schecter and Ibanez guitars is streamlined, and the body is smaller, allowing the musician to play for hours on end with ease and comfort.

#3: Spacing between frets

The long thin neck of an electric guitar makes for comfortable play, but the downside is that the frets are spaced closer together. This does require more precision when playing but can be achieved easily with practice.

While these are only three reasons why an electric guitar is better than an acoustic, you would need to try both to make your own decision. Visit a music store, play both, and see which instrument is best for you in terms of comfort, ease of play, as well as cost. Finding the perfect guitar to suit your needs and your pocket is tricky, but it is possible if you put in the time to ensure you are making the best decision for yourself.

Schecter vs. Ibanez: Is one better than the other?

Schecter and Ibanez are two of the biggest names in the guitar world. Offering electric, acoustic, and electro-acoustic guitars in their product line, musicians are spoiled for choice. But which brand is better? Is there an overall winner in the battle between Schecter and Ibanez?

To compare these top two brands, we need to look at both their similarities and differences to get an overall view of what each brand has to offer.

Similarities between Schecter and Ibanez Guitars

Schecter and Ibanez guitars are primarily manufactured in Asia, more specifically in China, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea. Ibanez guitars are also manufactured in America.

Knowing where a guitar is made can be useful to a buyer as it helps them establish the quality of their instrument. China and Indonesia are known for creating cost-effective, mass-produced guitars to keep manufacturing costs down, whereas Japan is known for its high-quality guitars.

Both Schecter and Ibanez make use of thin necks to ensure comfort during play, with the Ibanez neck being ultra-thin. Note that the frets on an electric guitar are spaced together much closer than those on an acoustic, so take note of this when choosing a guitar.

Looking at the wood used to make the guitars, Ibanez and Schecter are made from Poplar, Basswood, or Mahogany, with their top-end guitars being made using Ashwoods. This creates that unique sound one can expect from an electric guitar.

Schecter vs Ibanez

Differences Between Schecter and Ibanez Guitars

The main difference between Schecter and Ibanez guitars is the price. A mid-range Ibanez would cost you roughly $500 more than a Schecter electric guitar. A Schecter guitar is better value for money when comparing costs. Ibanez is considered to be better quality than Schecter guitars by those in the music industry and are generally the first choice when purchasing an electric guitar.

The cost of the equipment needed for a Schecter or Ibanez electric guitar varies. For instance, pickups on a Schecter guitar are almost $150 cheaper than those you would purchase for an Ibanez. Pedals, strings, amplifiers, and tuners are costs you need to consider when purchasing a guitar, and these costs can vary according to the brand.

Choosing a clear winner between Schecter and Ibanez guitars is not an easy feat. With so many characteristics and factors at play, it would be difficult to say that one brand is better than the other. It is a subjective choice and is based on the buyer or musician’s budget, needs, and any other factors they might consider when buying either a Schecter or Ibanez guitar.

Doing research on both brands by visiting blogs and various other comparison websites can help the buyer make a decision. Reviews are also an excellent way to ascertain not only the quality and performance of a guitar based on previous buyers’ opinions and feedback, but also the brand’s popularity. Read both negative and positive reviews, visit a music store and chat with the sales representatives, and spend time holding and playing the instrument. The choice is ultimately that of the buyer.

How to Choose the Ultimate Electric Guitar

Are you looking for the best electric guitar that your money can buy? There are a few factors that you would need to consider. If possible, try to shop in person rather than online. Shopping in person allows you to view the guitar up close, hold it, and get a feel for which guitar would be the most comfortable to play. Here are some other factors that should come into play when choosing an electric guitar:

#1: Cost

Before setting out on your shopping, set yourself a clear budget. Doing some research on the costs associated with owning an electric guitar is essential. Remember to include the cost of any cables, amplifiers, pedals, tuners, and any other equipment you may need. In terms of Schecter v. Ibanez, the Ibanez will set you back roughly $500 more than a Schecter electric guitar would.

#2: Sound

You might find it difficult to find any two guitars that sound the same. Try out a few guitars to find the one that has the sound you are looking for. Shopping in person rather than online is best. Both the Schecter and Ibanez guitars are suited for the heavy rock and metal genres of music and use similar woods and components to create the tone that you would expect from an electric guitar.

#3: Pickups

Pickups enhance the sounds created when plucking or strumming the strings of an electric guitar. Pickups come standard on electric guitars but can be upgraded at any time. Do your research on the pickups available and which would work best on the brand of guitar you choose to get the best performance possible. While Schecter guitars use Fishman Fluence pickups, Ibanez works best with EMG pickups to create the best sound.

#4: Style of guitar

No two brands of electric guitars are the same. While Schecter guitars have a more resonant sound because of their unique neck construction, Ibanez uses bolt-on necks which might not sound as warm and rich.

There is no wrong or right way to choose a guitar. Personal preference, budget, and what the guitar will be used for play a big role in the brand you will ultimately end up choosing. Think about what you will use the guitar for most.

If playing music is more a hobby than a possible career choice, a low-to-mid-range electric guitar is perfect for your needs. If you are considering starting a band or starting a career in music, a more expensive or high-end model is the better option.


Choosing an electric guitar is very much based on personal preference, budget, and the factors we have discussed in this article.

Compare the brands you are interested in, visit a retailer and get a feel for which is most comfortable to hold and play, and base your decision on your own wants and needs. Remember to set a budget, as electric guitars can cost you considerably more than an acoustic guitar would. Once you have made your decision, grab a few friends and rock out!

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