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Jackson Vs Ibanez

What is a Guitar Capo, and what is it Used For?

You may have noticed that some guitar players have a strange looking apparatus attached to the neck of their guitars, and wondered what it was. This device is known as a capo, and in a nutshell, it is used to shorten the length of a guitar’s strings. A capo can be used on other stringed […]

Can You Put a Capo on an Electric Guitar?

While it is not uncommon to see musicians use capos on acoustic guitars, is it okay to use this device on an electric guitar? Some people may disagree with this, but in most cases, there is absolutely no reason why one couldn’t use a capo on an electric guitar. Obviously, an electric guitar is made […]

What are Electric Guitars Made Of?

Electric guitars have been around for quite some time, but many people don’t know much about them. Of course, you might know how to play killer riffs, but do you know what that guitar is made of? For the most part, electric guitars are made of wood. But, for some reason, some assume they are […]

How to Remove Rust from Guitar Tuners

How to Remove Rust from Guitar Tuners

Tuners are essential for keeping a guitar’s strings in tune. If you can’t turn those tuners, you’ll have problems. Over time, tuners can get rusty, especially if they are regularly exposed to humidity or moisture. If they rust shut, you won’t be able to turn them again. Therefore, if you notice that your guitar tuner […]

How Good are Ibanez Electric Guitars?

Ibanez is consistently among the top electric guitars on the list for many people. It has become popular over the last few decades as a guitar brand in Europe and North America for a good reason. First, Ibanez produces high-end and high-quality guitars, and of course, they’re not cheap. However, the brand also makes lower-end […]

Can a Capo Damage My Guitar

Can a Capo Damage My Guitar?

Guitar capos clip onto the neck and fretboard of your guitar and are designed to press the strings down. They help you dampen strings, quickly changing the tuning of your guitar. However, because they attach to the neck of your guitar and apply a good deal of tension, you might be worried about damage. So, […]